Founder, Music Producer and Lead Audio Engineer

Jessy De León



                                                Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jessy De Leon has                                                        always love the arts. She first started dancing. when

                                         she was about a year old. to literally every song or

                                             sound imaginable. That love for dancing turned into

                                              love for music as she was quickly able to identify the

                                        difference between the rhythm and beats and the

 importance of feeling the music more than just learning the steps. She started songwriting when she was 12. When she was 14 - 16 she started recording. her own music mixes.

In 2012, she directed her first music video for her own personal song called 'Antes', a song about love emphasizing on the importance on truly loving someone till the end. This was the first song she wrote

considering a common social problem. By this year she also did her first concert which consisted of the attendance of about 50 people which loved the music and requested more spanish music as her lyrics were mainly in english. After obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration; Management she decided to study Music Production. It was there where she realized, only 2% of all the Music Producers in the world are woman encouraging her to keep on trying to speak up and make a difference.

She eventually had what she called a "spiritual awakening" where she felt the new music that was being created did not uplift or fulfill the spiritual side of things but rather would mention the same thing which seemed vain and.empty. Due to this, she started writing more meaningful lyrics.  


In 2017, she created a non-profit organization called Comparte tu Luz, which promotes the use of the arts among the youth to make a positive social change in their communities.. While successfully leading the non-profit, she decided in January 2019, she wanted to have her own music label  which she named Lion Light Music.

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